• Sustainability

For Blau, sustainability is the way to make your growth healthy and even more efficient. Through it, the company connects with its main stakeholders – employees, the local community and society in general, government, press and investors -, transmitting, through the commitments assumed, its purpose and its brand.

To guide these commitments, the company defined the materiality matrix below, which brings the most relevant issues for Blau’s responsible management and, consequently, for communication with interested parties.


Human Intelectual Social Environmental Economic | Governance
Attraction and Retention Innovation and Technology Social Investment Water and Wastewater Economic Performance
Occupational Health and Safety Customer Health and Safety Access to medication Residues
Training and Development Medication Safety
Discrimination, respect for diversity Quality


Click here to see the 2022-2023 Sustainability Report.


  • Environmental

Blau continuously monitors and manages the environmental processes and impacts resulting from its activities, seeking to promote a more eco-efficient and responsible management of waste, energy resources and water.

Currently, there are approximately 40 environmental licenses for the operation of the manufacturing units, some of which have technical requirements as conditions for their validity. In all cases, the Company has fully complied with the requirements of the competent environmental agencies. In 2020, there were no fines and non-monetary sanctions related to environmental laws and regulations.


  • Social

With the objective of contributing to the sustainable development of society and expanding the social impact generated by the medicines it produces, Blau invests in projects that promote well-being and quality of life.

The Company selects projects in line with its institutional values and mission, which comply with compliance requirements, generate lasting results, engage the internal public and, whenever possible, benefit the communities surrounding its operations, offering education, culture and social assistance.


  • Projects we believe in and support
Category “Health”
  • Complexo Pequeno Príncipe | Project “For another 100 years” – Pediatric hospital complex formed by Hospital Pequeno Príncipe and Children’s Hospital Dr. César Pernetta. It is a non-governmental organization maintained by the Hospital Association for Child Protection Dr. Raul Carneiro, a non-profit organization founded by a group of volunteers, which provides health, teaching and research services. Blau has been a partner of the Association for years, through the Municipal Council for the Rights of Children and Adolescents of Curitiba. The support is aimed at the renovation of the building structure of Hospital Pequeno Príncipe, which will contribute to improving the quality of care.


  • Hospital do Amor | Project “Support to the Elderly” – Center of national reference in the treatment of cancer, with 100% of patients from the public network (SUS). The hospital, which brings together a team of 260 doctors and more than 3,000 employees, discovers more than 11,000 new cases of cancer each year, performing more than 4,100 visits per day, 1,350 surgeries per month and more than 200,000 preventive exams. It has 13 accommodations in Barretos, 11 for adults and 2 specials for children, with a total capacity for 650 people. Made possible by the Law of the Elderly, Blau’s support aims to fund the regular operations of the hospital – mainly the purchase of medicines and payroll – since the financing of the Unified Health System (SUS) does not cover the costs for care, in full , of the needy population.


  • Lar Francisco Cândido Xavier – Located in Caucaia do Alto, the non-governmental, non-profit entity aims to develop projects to rescue the dignity of the elderly citizen, allowing these people a free family life, with characteristics inherent to a true home, promoting, even, the integration of the elderly with the community.
Category “Inclusion”
  • APAE Cotia | Early Stimulation and Qualification Program (PEP) – The Association of Parents and Friends of the Exceptional of Cotia is a non-profit philanthropic institution that since its foundation in 1989 has been fighting for people with disabilities to have a dignified space in society. Blau’s support was approved by the Municipal Council for the Rights of Children and Adolescents and focuses on children from 0 to 6 years old who have a diagnosis of intellectual disability and / or delay in neuropsychomotor development, favoring their global development, autonomy and independence, for through their potential and skills.
Category “Culture”
  • Artemisa – Through photo sessions with women who fight against breast cancer, the project proposes a welcoming and artistic look at the female body. During the photo shoot, women write a message about what they want to convey through it. The goal is to motivate self-care for breast cancer prevention and screening.


  • Complexo Pequeno Príncipe | “Vamos fazer juntos?” e “Pequena Abelha” –  In this pediatric hospital complex, while hospitalization is configured as a time of treatment and intensive health care, there is the challenge of making the circulation of children welcoming and humanized. In this context, projects for the democratization of art and culture are developed. Made possible through the Culture Incentive Law, Blau’s sponsorship is aimed at the project “Shall we do it together?”, Which encourages affective exchange based on artistic activities and the production of a book for free distribution, and the project “A Little Bee and the Tall Tree ”, which promotes theatrical training for children, in addition to playful and educational activities.


  • Doutores da Alegria – Non-profit civil society organization that introduced the art of the clown in the health universe, focusing on children, adolescents and other publics in situations of vulnerability and social risk in public hospitals. Founded by Wellington Nogueira in 1991, it has already made more than one and a half million visits to hospitalized children, their companions and health professionals and, in 2016, repositioned itself based on a new governance and a new institutional task, proposing art as one of the basic needs for the dignified development of the human being.


  • Rock + Humor – Project encouraged by the Law of Culture that promotes the presentation of a show that unites theater, humor and music, emphasizing the local culture in the cities where it passes.


  • Tetear Tech – Project that takes art and technology to children and teenagers from 5 to 17 years old, through free courses. The classes propose experiences of creative processes and aesthetic experiences that promote students’ contact with artistic languages and also with some advances in the digital world, artificial intelligence, instigating reflections on the transformations in the field of communication and access to information.
Category "Sport"
  • Projeto Racing – The project aims to generate opportunities for promising drivers looking for space on the national scene, participating in the main competition of National Motorsport which is the Brazilian Stock Car Championship.