What is a Publicly-Held Company?

A company is considered open when it raises funds from the public and promotes the placement of securities on stock exchanges or on the over-the-counter market. IPO transactions must be authorized by the Brazilian Securities and Exchange Commission (CVM), the Brazilian capital market’s supervisory body, which also registers and authorizes the issuance of securities for public distribution.

How to invest in stocks?

To begin with, the stock exchange, B3 SA, has information available on its website and developed some basic courses on investment in the stock market. Subsequently, you may look for a broker of your choice.

On which Stock Exchange are Blau's shares traded and what is their trading code?

Blau is listed at “Novo Mercado” segment of B3 SA (B3: BLAU3) since April 19, 2021.

How can I track the price of Blau's shares?

Our share prices can be tracked on this investor relations website (quotes are delayed by 15 minutes). In addition, in the Quotation Alert session, the user will be able to register to receive e-mail alerts as often as they wish or when the share price reaches certain levels.

How and where does Blau disclose its information?

All relevant facts, earnings announcements and other information communicated to the Blau market are disclosed simultaneously in CVM and B3 and in the investor relations area of ​​the Company’s website, in addition to being subsequently forwarded by e-mail to the people who register to receive such information. To register, access the Sign up for Mailing session.

How to proceed to obtain the income statement for the individual shareholder income tax?

Blau’s shares are registered by Banco Itaú, that recently changed its policy on sending Income Reports. The bank will no longer send Stock Reports, Investment Funds and Debentures via mail.

Such documents will be available exclusively on the bank’s Digital Correspondence Portal at https://correspondenciasdigitais.itau.com.br/. In the referred Portal, you only need to update your registration data and then you can receive your documents exclusively through digital. It’s fast, easy and sustainable.

For Itaú account holders, the process is even easier, simply by accessing their checking account on the Banco Itaú website or application. In the “Current Account” menu, the Income Report is available and in the “Investments” menu, you can choose the other queries for all your shares carried by Itaú. We stress that for bank account holders, registration on the Correspondence Portal is also encouraged.

When will the next results release be? How can I receive this information by email?

The IR Agenda and the Calendar of Corporate Events are available on the Blau Investor Relations website. To receive updates by e-mail, click here

How to contact the Investor Relations area?

You can contact the Investor Relations team by clicking here.

Why Blau is listed in the Novo Mercado Segment and has a free float of less than 25%?

B3 granted a temporary authorization for the Company to be listed in the Novo Mercado Segment with a Free Float of less than 25%. Blau shall maintain a percentage equivalent or superior to 15% Free Float during the period of 18 months from the IPO.

Access here the full Material Fact.