Who We Are

Corporate Profile

Blau is a leading pharmaceutical industry in the institutional segment and a pioneer in biotechnology, with a proprietary portfolio of highly complex drugs focused on relevant segments in the industry, such as immunology, hematology, oncology, nephrology, specialties, antibiotics, working in several therapeutic classes.

Blau has a continental footprint , present in 7 countries – Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Uruguay and the United States with our plasma collection operation  – and has a state of the art pharmaceutical industrial complex, composed of five industrial plants, with cutting-edge technology, dedicated to the production of biological medicines, biotechnological, oncological, antibiotics, injectable anesthetics and biotechnological inputs.

Blau’s portfolio consists of high-complexity drugs with own brands – biological and synthetic – for the hospital segment.

The Company is divided into 4 business units: biological, oncology, specialties and others.


  • Biological

Biological products are drugs produced by biosynthesis in living cells, unlike synthetics, which are produced by chemical synthesis. Biologicals are a diverse and heterogeneous class of products that can be made using raw materials from two different origins: a) medicines obtained from biological material that are extracted from microorganisms (alive, attenuated or dead), organs and tissues of origin plant or animal, cells or fluids of human or animal origin; b) medicines obtained by biotechnological procedures, which are recombinant proteins obtained from genetically modified cells; monoclonal antibodies.


  • Oncology

The oncology line is composed of oral and injectable drugs of different origin, intended for the treatment of cancer, which encompass several therapeutic classes and types of treatment.


  • Specialties

The line of specialties consists of products that are used in the hospital’s daily routine, in most specialized treatments for infectious diseases, special treatments, among others. It includes antibiotics, muscle relaxants with therapeutic applications, injectable medications, anesthetics, among others.


  • Others

The line of others is made up of prescription drugs, non-prescription (MIP), focused on the (retail) and non-retail markets , including dermo-medicines, condoms and the like.


Operating Market

Blau operates mainly in the Institutional segment, which includes hospitals and private clinics, including chemotherapy and hemodialysis centers, in addition to public health institutions at the federal, state and municipal levels.

The institutional segment includes blood products, biological, biotechnological, antiretroviral drugs, among others, usually found in injectable pharmaceutical form, purchased for use in clinics, hospitals and outpatient clinics.

For this reason, the choice for consumption is made within health institutions and / or clinics and hospitals, and is generally related to safety in terms of the ability to minimize the risk of adverse reactions related to consumption, the quality of the medication itself, health professional confidence formed in relation to therapeutic effectiveness and the price that is also taken into account by health institutions.

The companies operating in the institutional market focus their sales efforts on hospital, outpatient and medical clinics, with the indirect contribution of the network of distributors to effect the sale and delivery of the drug to the consumer. For this reason, these companies maintain smaller teams to carry out their sales activities, which also reflects the lower use of financial resources in marketing and dissemination strategies, when compared to the retail market.

Sales in the institutional market are expected to grow more strongly as the economy strengthens, as public spending on health is linked to GDP at the federal level. With the improvement in economic growth expected for the Brazilian economy, this scenario should be strengthened.

In addition, recent Brazilian political and economic advances, such as pension reform, should lead to clearer health policies in Brazil, in order to improve the infrastructure of the Unified Health System (SUS) and facilitate the entry of new medicines in this market.



The Company currently has a wide portfolio of injectables, used in hospitals, clinics and HMOs.

Considering the Company’s business units described above, in 2021, the Company sold its products to more than 7 thousand hospitals and clinics, of which 6 thousand were hospitals, more than 500 oncology clinics and more than 500 nephrology medical centers, according to data from IQVIA. As a result, the Company had a market estimated at more than R$ 6.3 billion, which has renowned and diversified brands, as shown below:

Our facilities

Blau has an industrial complex composed of 4 different locations:

  • Cotia Industrial Unit

At the Cotia unit we have Blau Inventta – our RD&I center, the biotechnological pharmaceutical inputs plant (P400) and the injectables plant (P200).

P200 is focused on the segment of biological and biotechnological medicines, produces injectable biological and biotechnological medicines, in addition to synthetic medicines, in the form of liquid solution, emulsion and lyophilized powder, in ampoules, vials and syringes. In addition to packaging imported blood products and dermocosmetics.

Produces (manufacture/packaging) injectable biological drugs (manufactured from cells or fluids of living beings), biotechnological drugs (manufactured using recombinant technology), synthetic drugs (manufactured from chemical syntheses) in small volume injectable dosage forms , small volume injectable emulsion and lyophilized powder, under the presentations filled syringe, vial and ampoule. It also carries out the packaging of imported blood products, biological medicines and dermocosmetics.

P400 is the new biotechnological Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (IFA) production plant. It has two distinct areas, for cultivation of prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells.

In addition to having the administrative headquarters that includes Quality Assurance, Quality Control, Commercial and the entire administrative area. The Company’s headquarters building, as well as the support, production, laboratories, offices and storage areas.

  • Caucaia Industrial Unit

The Caucaia plant is focused on the production of cytotoxic / oncological products (simple, coated tablets and capsules) and injectables (solutions and lyophilized powder) in vials. There are two distinct and dedicated areas for the production of each type of medicine.

  • São Paulo Industrial Unit

The São Paulo plant is focused on the specialty segment, produces injectable drugs in liquid form in ampoules and fractionation of sterile powder in ampoule vials, with areas dedicated to penicillins, cephalosporins and non-beta-lactams. In addition, it packs the Preserv line. We have 3 independent lines for the production of each class of medicine:

(i) Building 1 (P1): handling, filling, terminal sterilization, inspection and packaging of a small volume parenteral solution in ampoules; filling, inspection and packaging of non-beta-lactam powders; handling, filling and packaging of semi-solid products and health products; condom packaging.

(ii) Building 2 (P2): filling (fractioning), inspection and packaging of post-sterile penicillin.

(iii) Building 3 (P3): filling (fractionation), inspection and packaging of post-sterile cephalosporins.

  • Anápolis Industrial Unit

The Goiás unit has 3 productive areas for the fractionation of sterile powders in vials of the cephalosporin, carbapenem and non-beta-lactam classes.